Day 9: Merge Cubes in the Makerspace

Today I finally felt like I could catch my breath a bit this morning. Several students came down to the library during study hall today because they were bored, had nothing to do, and wanted to check out the makerspace materials. One student was intrigued by the Merge Cubes. If you haven’t seen Merge Cubes you are missing out on a fabulous opportunity for your students.

Student goes from bored to engaged, learning about the brain stem during study hall using augmented reality. 

Merge cubes create a 3D augmented reality image that students can manipulate by turning the cube and interacting with the hologram on their device. Merge Cubes can be purchased for $9.96 on Amazon or $14.96 at Walmart , however I purchased several for .99 at Walmart by using the tool Brickseek, which tracks the price of items using a SKU number.

Some of my favorite Merge Cube Apps include:

If you are interested in Merge Cubes or augmented reality I highly suggest enrolling in the Merge Cube Educators group on Facebook. The collective shares amazing ideas as well as links to beta versions of new and up-coming apps. Other resources may be found on the Educator’s Guide to Merge Cubes.


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